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Private, Small group lessons

Flexible curriculum that suits all students

Class for ages 6-16

Course Content

This course assists children in developing coding skills and computational thinking. Children will develop the ability to create their own projects and enrich their minds through taking a variety of different coding lessons.

Why English?

It is generally considered that the best practice for learning code is through English, and that those who have a different mother tongue should learn English before reading and writing code.

Furthermore, if you were to be working as a programmer internationally, you would need to be able to speak a language that you might not understand. It can be hard to follow what’s going on, should you not know English.

My Methodology

Finding a balance between both knowledge and skill is my end goal. By doing this, I intend on deepening their understanding of code, while also enabling them to perform increasingly complex programming activities.

Student Centric

Personalized Courses

1:3 Teacher Student Ratio per group

Private Lessons Available

Flexible Make-up Lessons

Flexible Curriculum

5 years of teaching experience with attention to detail

Teaching materials that meet CSTA and ISTE standards

Extensive materials

English / Japanese

Teaching materials can be used in both English or Japanese

Practice a presentation

Share project to realize growth and leads to self-confidence


A development school designed for Japanese Roblox developers

Coding Competitions

Discord – “1st Monthly Roblox Game Creation Contest”

Welcome to Beginners!

EXA KIDS2022 – The idea behind this competition is that “Anything Goes” as long as it relates to “IT”

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Nihongo De Code

We are available in English and Japanese.


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