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Building Your Strength with the Power of Coding

My coding classes are designed to impact Code Literacy and Computational Thinking principles and skills to your child. With my structured program and based on the CSTA and ISTE framework, your child will be introduced to an exciting variety of subjects.

Age RequirementsAges 6 – 16
LocationOnline Google meets
Class SizeSmall classes or in private
Lesson Structure1 Session = 1 hour

1 Semester = 6 Sessions
Date & TimeEvery Saturday or Sunday

10.00am – 11.00am
11.15am – 12.15pm
01.15pm – 02.15pm
02.30pm – 03.30pm
03.45pm – 04.45pm
05.00pm – 06.00pm
FeesPrivate (1 Lesson):
$40 (No Reg Fee Required)

Group (1 Lesson):
$25 (No Reg Fee Required) Lessons will be conducted for 2-3 people only.

Why should your child learn coding?

Everyone can code. It is not that hard to learn how to code. However, in my opinion, it is not as easy to learn how to think and build code in a proper way. When I teach students about coding, I work on the 3 “B”s. Building concepts of how to code, building confidence with being able to code, and building connections with others through teamwork. How can children work on these 3 “B”s? Through following the three pillars below, students in a student-centric education can achieve these 3 “B”s easily.

Computational Thinking for Building Concepts

  • Problem Solving
  • Algorithm
  • Decomposition
  • Abstraction
  • Patterns
  • Data Structure
  • Logic

Self-Directed Learning for Building Confidence

  • Find individual interests
  • Progressive Attitude towards Learning
  • Growth Mindset

Personalized Curriculum for Building Connections

  • Game Design
  • Robotics
  • Python

Why me?

I found the most difficult thing about teaching to be getting children to realize the applications of their discoveries and learned concepts, to various subjects. Most of the time, even if they understand it on a logical level, children struggle to see the full picture.

And so, I put in the effort to push them into creating presentations for self-review, from a self-directed perspective. I also understand that children enjoy finalizing their thoughts and communicating their accomplishments with other people. I’ve found that children work hardest when they feel it is important to them, and with these methods, I intend to bring out the best in every child that I teach.

Are you ready for your child to embark on their coding journey?

Technology Education

Every child can code. But every chid is different. I prepare a personalized curriculum to fit every child’s needs, and to maximize their potential.

My Virtual Classroom
Nihongo De Code

We are available in English and Japanese.

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