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Does your child love playing games? If your child loves video games, there is a good chance they’ve dreamed up creative games before, using only their own inspiration.

When a student begins learning how to make these video games themselves, their curiosity and enthusiasm for game development allows them to keep on stepping forward into opening new possibilities for them in the future.

Scratch Game Creation & Art

Software: Scratch 4        Hardware: Laptop

Block code2D

In this lesson on Scratch programming for children, students use Scratch to harness their imagination and create their own games, animations, and stories through the computer screen.

Because of Scratch’s simple block-based programming, children are able to experience everything game development has to offer, from creating simple games and animations, to more complex and extensive physics simulations and art.

Students will be able to express their creativity and art for fun. It will strengthen their coding mindset, and make programming enjoyable.

Roblox 3D Game Builder

Software: Roblox Studio  Hardware: Laptop

Syntax codeLua3D

The advantages of Roblox Studio include being able to easily manipulate the construction of virtual worlds using 3D models, using a powerful scripting language, and being able to immediately see how it works through quick results.

With these advantages in mind, students will learn how to create and understand various 3D game development methods step by step, and as they progress through the lessons, they’ll be able to acquire more advanced game creation knowledge and skills.

Invite others to explore your creations, and publish them to the world to see how your scripts can influence those around you.

Python (Trinket) Game Creator

Software: Trinket   Hardware: Laptop

Syntax code2D

Students will learn how to write programs in the Python language using the Trinket application. Learning with Trinket allows students to create various powerful, lightweight, and fast games even from the get go, regardless of whether or not they have coding experience.

Students will use basic programming to create simple games and then apply abstraction and decomposition to solve more complex problems.

The Python language is also a very powerful language that is used today in a variety of different platforms, and will continue to be used in the years to come. Learning it now would be a very worthwhile investment to anyone.

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