We can do it, so let’s do it. –

Hello, I used to be a programmer, but now I’ve become a coding instructor since 2018. I launched My Virtual Classroom, Nihongodecode, (Which translates to “Code in Japanese”) in 2021. Now I write blogs, create videos on Youtube, and teach coding in both Japanese and English.

My Mission Statement

I put care into creating each lesson, and do my best to spread the joy of thinking creatively by putting inspiration into my projects, while observing the growth and opinions of my students.

My Virtual Classroom advances students’ coding skills and computational thinking.

Online lessons do not allow direct contact with students, but streamlining computer work can lead to a sense of accomplishment in students by the end of the hour-long lesson. It involves understanding the contents of the study, instilled in your mind as your own discoveries, and practicing mock-presentations of your learned focus points, in order to further ingrain them into your mind.

Let’s take a lesson today!

It would be an honor to code together.

My Virtual Classroom

Nihongo De Code

We are available in English and Japanese.


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